Mediation as an alternative to business litigation

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2019 | Business Law | 0 comments

At the law office of Lawrence R. Jensen & Associates, we understand that business disputes are inevitable from time to time. Along with other business owners in California, you may assume that litigation is the only way to resolve a dispute. Fortunately, business owners have other options that can help them fix an issue before it becomes too costly.

Before deciding on having a judge rule on your dispute, you may want to consider going to mediation. This form of alternative dispute resolution is popular in family law but is gaining traction in other types of legal disputes, as well. Mediation involves you and the other party meeting with an impartial third party, who may make suggestions as you and the other party discuss possible solutions to your dispute. As FindLaw points out, mediation is known for being cost-effective and taking less time than traditional litigation. The issues surrounding your case are also kept private during mediation sessions. Mediation’s advantages make it an attractive choice for businesses, especially small business owners who often lack the time and resources for a lengthy court battle.

When you mediate your dispute, you and the other party have the chance to air your differences, hear each other out and work together instead of fight in a courtroom. Mutual cooperation may also result in you and the other party avoiding disputes in the future. As our page on litigation and arbitration explains, there are numerous options available when you have a business dispute. It may be necessary to seek experienced legal counsel when deciding which course of action is best for your situation.