Questions to ask before signing a commercial lease

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A commercial tenant’s responsibilities often differ considerably from those of a residential tenant, so if you are looking to rent a California commercial property, you would be wise to read the fine print before signing anything. At Lawrence R. Jensen & Associates, we recognize that, in many cases, commercial lease agreements tend to favor the landlord, rather than the renter, and we have helped many clients who are seeking commercial properties make sure their leases appropriately address their needs.

According to, commercial tenants typically have more responsibilities than residential tenants, so it is essential that you determine what your landlord expects of you before you sign on the dotted line. The more you understand about your commercial lease agreement from the outset, the better the chance of you abiding by all of its terms and avoiding running afoul of the law.

Just what types of questions might you want to ask before signing a commercial lease? One thing you ought to find out before committing to a business lease is what your responsibilities are when it comes to repairs. Typically, a business tenant is responsible for making internal repairs to a commercial rental property, but in some cases, the tenant is also responsible for structural repairs.

Another important matter to address before signing a commercial lease is what your responsibilities will be when it comes to taxes. Are you going to be responsible for state or federal income taxes, or franchise taxes? Do your tax obligations end as soon as the lease agreement does? The more you know about these matters, the less likely you will be to find yourself in financial trouble down the line. You can find more about real estate law on our webpage.