New code adds solar requirements to new buildings in California

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The future is bright for homebuilders in California. The state is undergoing yet another housing boom, the largest in its history, as demand swells near its cities and the coast. As more buildings go up, there are also a lot of reasons to look for more efficient ways to power them.

The future is actually bright in this regard, as a new law from Sacramento requires several types of new construction to be ready for solar power. Single-family houses and buildings designed for multiple families up to three stories high must be equipped with solar photovoltaic systems, according to Title 24 of Green Buildings Standards Code issued by the California Energy Commission.

“It’s becoming a big thing for builders in California and it’s now on the books,” the vice president of a California roofing company said of solar systems. “[Title 24] makes it easier to drive down costs. That’s one of the great things about this mandate.”

Builders and roofers can expect to meet the needs of this new standard as part of new building projects, while landlords and property owners may also see some new initial costs for new construction. Fortunately, as the roofer pointed out, these costs are often defrayed quickly in reduced energy costs.

Any issues that come up during new construction or sale of a structure in the Golden State may always consult an attorney. Legal representation is an important part of dealing with real estate, from initial sales to working with tenants on lease agreements. No one should enter the real estate business without the proper help.