Property surveys help prevent disputes during land sales

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Boundary And Title Disputes | 0 comments

You’ve had your eyes on a nice piece of land for a while. Maybe you found a lovely few acres of California for a new home, or perhaps it’s an investment opportunity as land values head ever upward. But you want to make sure you get every inch to which you are entitled to with the purchase price. So let’s be sure the land is what you think it is.

People and companies who are buying or selling property in the Golden State should probably consider a property survey. In many cases, this may be a requirement of the closing process. A survey will draw or verify the property lines and identify any questionable issues when compared to previous records held by the county or other authorities.

Surveys are of the highest importance when land parcels are new, usually because they have been cut out of previous larger sections for resale or development. They are also vital when features are changed, such as a fence being built on a property line.

Previous surveys may already be available with a local tax assessor’s office or the title company managing the property sale or transfer. Older surveys may be out of date, particularly if geographic features have changed or been changed by public works.

If a survey of a land parcel shows up a discrepancy, it may be time to enlist the help of a lawyer. An attorney can help manage any disputes about land boundaries or other aspects of what is included in a property sale. No one should leave any land behind.