Man arrested for murder following boundary dispute

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The age-old adage about a person’s home in California being their castle underscores the sentiment people place on their properties. They own them, and thus may react strongly to what they view as unauthorized encroachments on to those lands.

The hope is that a resolution to a boundary dispute requires no more than a simple request and the communal relationships that neighbors share. Unfortunately, however, they often go beyond that. Yet there are traditional legal avenues one can go through to resolve such dispute. Concern comes when people choose to bypass those channels.

Boundary dispute believed to be motive for murder

A recent murder case in Missouri serves as a sad reminder of how a boundary dispute can quickly escalate and result in tragedy. Per the Springfield News-Leader, local authorities responded to calls of a house fire to find the home’s occupant dead. Further investigation revealed, however, that the woman likely died prior to the blaze. In fact, police said her injuries were consistent with that of an assault. Neighbors reported that an argument occurred earlier in the evening on which the fire began between the woman and the owner of the neighboring property. A subsequent investigation into this lead led to the arrest of that property owner for murder.

Reasonably (and peacefully) resolving boundary disputes

While some might argue that this case represents an extreme example of a boundary dispute gone wrong, it illustrates the dangerous potential that such cases present. Avoiding that potential requires that those involved in such disputes argue their cases within the confines of the law. To do so, however, they need to know those boundaries. Such information may come easily when one has experienced legal assistance to rely on.