What are some issues that can occur during the final walk-through?

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When buying a home, you expect everything to go smoothly when it comes to the final walk through. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. A number of problems can occur, and some issues can even negatively impact your purchase of the home.

Being prepared for possible problems allows you to develop a reasonable plan to circumvent them. Here are a few potential snags that can delay closing, and how you can work through them to the best of your ability.

Repairs have not been completed

As long as you are not buying a home as-is, you can usually negotiate repair costs with the seller. This is particularly important when it comes to significant repairs, such as to the roof or foundation. Repairs must be completed before closing, or you may have the right to claim breach of contract.

The home has new damage

The final walk through is crucial, because a lot can happen during the real estate transaction. For instance, the seller may damage the home when moving, which can leave the buyer in a predicament. Any damage caused by the seller will be their responsibility to address, or the closing may be put off until repairs are made.

The previous homeowners are still there

It is definitely understood that the previous owners will be moved out of the home on the day of the final walk through. If they are still inhabiting the home, or have left many personal belongings behind, it is a real cause for alarm. In this case, the buyer can ask the seller to clear out the home. If they do not agree, the closing may be delayed.

Included personal property has been removed

It is not uncommon for home sellers to include some of their personal property in the real estate transaction, such as furniture or pieces of artwork. Obviously, it is of huge importance that these items are present when you walk through the home one last time, especially when all other items have been removed. If these items were included in the purchase agreement (which they definitely should be), contact the seller immediately to insist in delivery of the personal property along with possession of the home.