What should I look for in a commercial property?

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If you’re considering buying a commercial property, you must take into account several considerations. First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure the commercial endeavor will thrive in the area and the property will accommodate the business.

Rocket Mortgage, a U.S-based top mortgage provider, provides a list of points you should consider at a minimum, keeping in mind your specific needs and ultimate goals.


One of the first things you’ll need to look into is the location’s zoning. Your new business site must already be zoned for a commercial use that is consistent with your intended purpose. This may seem obvious, but simply because the marketing for a property says it is “commercial” doesn’t mean that it will be legal for you to operate your business at the property.


Although it depends on the type of business you plan to begin, looking at the accessibility of the property is important.

If, for instance, you plan to utilize your business for manufacturing, the property may not need to be located in an area with lots of shopper traffic. However, if you plan to open a retail outlet, visitors will need to easily find and access your location. If this is cumbersome, it could affect traffic and sales.


All business owners think about grown potential but before you consider a location, contemplate factors like adequate parking or possible future building expansion. While such ideas may not come to fruition until years down the road, it never hurts to think about it now.


Depending on your enterprise, you’ll want to consider your property’s location in tandem with its allurement for workers. Is your location in a remote areas where the closest town is a significant distance away? Do the demographics in the area support the skillset you’ll need for your business? You should account for these and many other situations when it comes to staffing, particularly in today’s labor market.