Are You Having A Dispute With A Commercial Tenant?

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Purchasing commercial property and becoming a landlord can be a great investment. However, there is always the potential that you could have a dispute with a tenant, leading to personal and legal strain. Being prepared is your best bet in case this happens to you.

Here are some things to know if you are having a dispute with a commercial tenant in California.


Evicting a tenant can be tricky whether you own a residential or commercial building. And, simply having a dispute with a tenant is generally not grounds for eviction. One of the most common reasons why landlords evict tenants is due to nonpayment of rent.

If this is the issue at hand, it is important to keep all documentation that you gave the tenant sufficient notice to pay their rent before looking into the eviction process.

Besides nonpayment of rent, you may also have grounds to evict a tenant if you find that they are using the property for illegal purposes or are otherwise violating the legitimate terms of their lease.

When to seek help

If you feel that a tenant dispute is getting out of hand, seek the advice of a legal professional who will know the laws surrounding eviction and what to do.