Conditional Offers And Employment Contracts

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Whether you need to conduct a background check or want to evaluate a worker’s performance before hiring them permanently, there are many reasons business owners opt to hire an employee on a conditional basis. Safeguarding your business is pivotal and having an effective employment agreement in place is essential.

As with any type of contract, it is crucial for both employers and employees to have a clear understanding of the details of the agreement.

Employment contract issues involving conditional employees

California’s Employment Development Department outlines a number of factors that can prevent the formation of a contract involving a conditional employee. For example, fraud, misrepresentation misunderstandings and mistakes can interfere with contract formation.

Mistakes can arise with respect to various facets of employment, such as a hiring manager accidentally giving a job applicant incorrect information. Sometimes, information gets lost in translation. For example, a prospective employee may not clearly understand certain requirements (e.g. license requirements). Sometimes, a party lies about their abilities or experience.

Signing an employment contract

Before signing an employment agreement, it is essential to ensure you have carefully reviewed the details of the contract and addressed any areas of uncertainty with a lawyer. Moreover, make sure you closely pour over the details of the agreement and your options if a dispute arises afterward.