How Your Partnership Agreement Can Prevent A Dispute

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Launching a business with a like-minded partner comes with many promising prospects. Unfortunately, it also comes with the ever-present possibility that a difference in opinions will ultimately lead to a heated dispute.

Drafting a thorough partnership agreement helps mitigate the effects a dispute can have on the overall company. When you understand how exactly your agreement can serve to prevent disputes, you can make better decisions when crafting the terms of the contract.

Establishing boundaries between roles

Many business disputes between partners arise when one individual feels that their co-owner is overstepping their boundaries. Your partnership agreement should clearly define the rights and responsibilities of each party so that there is no ambiguity when it comes to the boundaries of each role. By signing the partnership agreement, each co-owner acknowledges that the terms are fair and that legal action is justifiable if any individual breaks those terms.

Outlining a dispute resolution process

In the event that a dispute becomes unavoidable, your partnership agreement can still lessen the damage that the conflict might cause to your relationship and your business. Including a mutually-agreeable dispute resolution process ensures that you have a rational method of settling disagreements free from the biases either party might have during a heated period. Your pre-decided process might entail participating in a California mediation program or contacting a qualified legal advocate.

Every business partnership should have an agreement that helps protect the interests of each involved party. Furthermore, that agreement should outline terms that ensure the business can proceed as normal even when a dispute arises behind the scenes.