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Berkeley considers new law to help tenants buy property

Real estate may be the most important industry in California, since space and buildings are the main requirement for any venture of homes or businesses. As the state faces a decreasing stock of available housing, politicians in Sacramento and many cities are working to find solutions.

Berkeley, a Bay Area city known for attempts at progressive approaches to social issues, is considering a new housing policy for possible future homeowners. The law would give renters the first right of refusal on their home if it is put up for sale. This means that current occupants would get the first chance to buy that house or apartment.

Property surveys help prevent disputes during land sales

You've had your eyes on a nice piece of land for a while. Maybe you found a lovely few acres of California for a new home, or perhaps it's an investment opportunity as land values head ever upward. But you want to make sure you get every inch to which you are entitled to with the purchase price. So let's be sure the land is what you think it is.

People and companies who are buying or selling property in the Golden State should probably consider a property survey. In many cases, this may be a requirement of the closing process. A survey will draw or verify the property lines and identify any questionable issues when compared to previous records held by the county or other authorities.

Assembly Bill 5 changes California's freelance economy

A big part of business strategy is knowing the laws of the places one is conducting trade. California has a long history of legislating the business environment, from early labor protections to modern reactions to the tech industry.

One of the most recent business laws from Sacramento is Assembly Bill 5, which regulates the so-called gig economy. A lot of people who were working as freelance contractors may need to be hired as full-time employees with access to benefits or drastically scale back what they are able to do.

What's the best form for my business in California?

People who want to create a business face a lot of choices very quickly. And the early choices often end up mattering the most because they determine all the options that businesses and their owners will face next. A lot of possible forms of companies and corporations will achieve founders' needs, but which one has the most advantages?

  • What are my choices if I am creating a business alone?

A sole proprietorship is perhaps the simplest and most common type of business. This is usually one person using his or her own name, or possibly a fictitious title that sounds like a company name, and not sharing the rights and responsibilities of ownership.

  • How can multiple owners get the right amount of rights in a new business?

San Diego development deal held up by a lawsuit

As more and more people decide to live on the West Coast and businesses flock there to take advantage of the huge talent pool, California is seeing a boom in real estate prices. Land is a big part of new laws and lawsuit in the Golden State, as there will never be more of it and the people's demands on it are only intensifying.

Old agreements can leave a footprint on new real estate purchase agreements and the developments that often follow them. A piece of downtown San Diego that had slowly become a ghost town of businesses is now at the heart of legal motions as a new company seeks to develop it with retail options, homes and connections to local transit.

New code adds solar requirements to new buildings in California

The future is bright for homebuilders in California. The state is undergoing yet another housing boom, the largest in its history, as demand swells near its cities and the coast. As more buildings go up, there are also a lot of reasons to look for more efficient ways to power them.

The future is actually bright in this regard, as a new law from Sacramento requires several types of new construction to be ready for solar power. Single-family houses and buildings designed for multiple families up to three stories high must be equipped with solar photovoltaic systems, according to Title 24 of Green Buildings Standards Code issued by the California Energy Commission.

Don't put that fence there! Resolving boundary disputes

There's an old Irish saying that "Good fences make good neighbors." However, a fence erected in the wrong spot can be a nightmare for property owners -- and so can other boundary disputes. If your neighbor is encroaching on your property rights in some way, here's how to handle it.

1. Approach your neighbor early.

Learn more about mergers and how they work

Merging is a term that you may have heard, being in the business world. It means that you're combining two businesses into one. A merger is much like a marriage, and it can be a great way to grow your business.

Usually, mergers work by combining assets, staff members and other parts of the two businesses together. This creates a brand new legal entity. It's smart to speak with your attorney before you start this process, because there are many downsides (and positives) to consider.

What terms should be included in a commercial lease?

Creating a commercial lease is one of the most important things you must do when renting commercial property. Whether you want to rent space for your office, for storage or to open a store, a commercial lease is vital to the success of your business. So, what terms should be included in a commercial lease?

One of the most important terms that must be included is the rent. Rent isn't always locked in, which means you should be able to negotiate the price you pay per month for the space you are renting.

Why you need an attorney when starting a business

If you have been wrestling with the idea of starting your own business, it's important that you hire an experienced business law attorney to walk you through the process. You don't want to incorrectly file documents, register the wrong business name or create a partnership agreement that doesn't benefit you. Let's explore how an attorney helps you when starting a business.

An attorney will be able to recommend which type of business you should register as when you get off the ground and running. You have choices between sole proprietorship, LLC, S corporation, partnership and others.

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